– ombrenelcielo is a blog-zine about liberal arts and much more.

We are a passionate group of people from Finland, UK, Italy, Greece, Sweden.
We love what we do and we like to express it, that’s why we write.

If you are passionate and want to write for this small niche, than we might want you on board, just drop an email to jacopo.chiapparino // me.com


  1. Salut “le ombre nel cielo”! I just got an alert about your post about me. I’m so happy to hear that you have discovered my music and enjoy it. I did indeed release two albums and a Kid Koala remix single under the name “Lederhosen Lucil” as well as three albums (“Leave Alight”, “Accidental Railway” and “Between Atoms”) under my own name. I have worked with a number of talented painters, graphic designers and filmmakers over the years and the collaborations continue. I am currently in Paris, France with the “Daily Tous Les Jours” equipe who commissioned me to write an operette for their interactive installation opening to the public June 21st at the Gaite Lyrique. This is going to be a very special group show called “Joue Le Jeu” involved a number of multi media installations where the public of all ages is invited to PLAY in this gorgeous, historic former opera house. So if you or your readers are in Paris this week come to the gallery to play!

  2. It’s so nice to hear that you liked the post and us talking about you! We have a couple of good friends at the moment in Paris and I think they would like to come over to check out your installation at the Gaite Lyrique, I hope we are still in time! We might end up in writing also a small article about it if you like the idea. We are always looking around to find art, people, things that inspire us and we value a lot all the different forms of artistic expression. Thanks for making such a beautiful music, it adds something to our lives and we are very happy to have discovered it.
    Please keep doing beautiful things and feel free to bug us here whenever you like, we are always open to suggestions, tips and new topics to discuss!

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