Love+Coffee+Bike = VELOpresso

Dear Readers!

I will tell You a story… it’s not about some fancy princesses or ugly dragons.  Not this time.

This story will be about coffe. Yes Coffee! And it will be really simple: Finnish and British designers Lasse Oiva and Amos Field Reid from London Royal College of Art met and got an idea. They both love coffee like almost everybody, and they both love bikes… Brainstorming ……and then…..


This is how Velopresso was created!

Combination of two passions!


You don’t need  a lot – it’s an espresso mobil bar – powered by human muscles.

No electricity or gasoline, therefore ecological at the same time! You just need 5 seconds of cycling and BOOM! You have a decent double espresso. Give them 10 more and you will have 2 !

Perfect solution for festivals, picnics or other outdoor activities but also for normal citylife.

Field Reid and Oiva are currently building the team that will take Velopresso from prototype through to production and sales. The UK-manufactured production model will be available for pre-order in early summer 2013.






Finalist SustainRCA Award, 2012

 Pininfarina Design Contest, 2012 (2nd prize)

 Deutsche Bank Award in Design, 2012 (winners)

 Finnish Cultural Foundation (grant award), 2012

Justyna T. / Boris H.

  1. juntt said:

    that’s great, truly great. what an inspiration for the day. thanks for sharing the news, glad to have come across your blog!

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