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Dante’s collection is pure crafts show.

They put sense and taste into the 2013 Collection named “Admit one Gentleman – Goods and Bads”. It is showing us the real Gentleman’s myth and legend. And we are not talking here about James Bond dear Ladies!

Manners & Elegance – Shining silver & Fur

We are looking for this lost era with the tear in our eye…. Admit one Gentleman is a perfect occasion!

Sharing the love of material world for pathos and beauty Dante was founded in 2012 by the artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine.

The guest of honor for this new 2013 Collection can be no other than Charles Schumann. Alongside Christophe de la Fontaine, DANTE – Goods and Bads will introduce two new designers, Jakub Zak and Pietro Russo.

We are full of admiration for this RAT PACK

( )




axt2 el-fur1 sc2b

Collection 2013 includes :

Serials, limited editions and unique pieces :

Established – Series of silver plated julep goblets with a champagne bucket

Hold Me Close – Uni / Fur – Large unisex holdall with a cowhide inner panel

Shining – Candle holder with reflector, made of ceramics

Come As Your Are – Sublte bar cart

Memoire – Wall hanging system

El Santo Libre – Mask uni / Colored – Leather seats

El Santo Libre – Kilim / Fur -Leather seats

And So On – Sideboard/Table – Modular furnishing system

Scintilla – Light system – bulb

Epilogue – A side table

For real gentelmens more informations here :


      This Design Week Fair in Milan was my first time.  I was felling little bit lost sometimes and overload but I managed to stay calm and observed everything. In my opinion the Design Week is not just about design – this is whole event includes art, fashion, music, culture and most importantly people. Even if you are not attending the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and are staying in the city don’t worry, design will find you in normal life. I was told by locals that the city is and goes crazy for its  Design Week and Fashion Week. Once these events are over, Milan returns to its completely anonymous status. But enough about the city itself! – its pretty, admit it!

Do you want to hear the freshman opinion about the 2013 Milan Design Week?

That was too much. An incredible amount of designs everywhere. But after a second thought I understood that once a year all eyes are on Milan. So many people are visiting, editors, designers, companies and also tourists. It’s the best advert you can imagine for a brand.

With a super heavy bag of brochures and full memory card I needed to make a selection for Ombre Nel Cielo. I chose the best from the best that I saw….




Tom Dixon made it. He took it to a totally new level. Exhibition MOST in Museo Scienza e     Tecnologia enthused. Glittering and shinny objects – mostly lamps looked like stars in the sky. I’m sure that copper will be really “in” this year. Anyway this way of presenting objects is really easy , reflections will always be in fashion. But Tom Dixon is not the only copper lovin’ freak… I saw a lot of objects during the fair that used that material. What can we say? In copper we believe!

Tom also made a capsule clothing edition for Adidas simply called… The Capsule – inspired by workers uniforms he created his own interpretation of nomad clothes.  The base elements of the outfits are specially designed to take as little space as possible in a backpack.



FAB <3


Don’t take it so seriously. That was my first opinion when I saw Fab’s exhibition. They have fun when designing for ever day life, that’s for sure.  Big boxes with Fab objects were well made and perfectly presented.  Fresh and funky,  that’s what we need in design as well as putting more smiles on people’s faces. Myself I came back from Milan with Fab PF red snickers. MOST in Museo Scienza e  Tecnologia was a good idea.

What can we say? In color we believe!




After an exhausting walk through the city full of design traps I found a perfect middle. The French Institute this year invited French designers to make a exhibition. The Institute which is established next to Leonard da Vinci’s famous painting The Last Supper, welcomed us in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Works presents five great designers from France : Guillaume Delvigne, Pauline Deltour, Viktoria Wilmotte, Francois Dumas and Dan Yeffet. They believe that less is more – chosen  the best of from their design. I have to say that every single one of the items were made with an incredible level of precision.  Its really nice to see designs made by already successful designers.

What can we say? In France we believe!


More objects presented by French designer Dan Yeffet on MOST :

Brokis and Glass is Tomorrow




Brera district is full of different exhibits. Its quite hard to pick the best of them. But the best decision that you can make is just walk around and come inside if you notice something interesting. That was like that with me and Design Junction. A big place open for all kind of upcoming design (more copper? )


Just around the corner  was The Revolving Room by Patricia Urquiola for Kvadrat. A variety of materials and colors made me feel like I was in the secret garden of fabrics. Plus the flowers suited  the whole idea of the installation.

“All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning. Great works are often born on a street corner or in a restaurant’s revolving door.” Albert Camus; the sentence was the design room inspiration.




How to present an object in a big space? My Boss says  “multiply it. It is always a good solution”.

Nendo uses the easiest and most accurate way of presenting its tables by using an entire courtyard to make some kind of art exhibition. Stone garden never looked more beautiful than here in the Brera District. What can we say? In Nendo we believe!


LEE BROOM and RucoLine


The Brera district is full of surprises. Small streets and pretty buildings are the perfect background for design. One of the nicest places I visited was Pinacoteca di Brera. Cold stoned building annexed neon shoes from RucoLine. Putting neon colors in a historical place to light it up was a good decision. Two blocks away from Pinacoteca I found Lee Broom crystal bulbs market. A Retro look in a temporary shop reminded me of London, not in 2013 but in the 1930’s.

Thank you Lee Broom for this sentimental trip. What can we say? In Brera we believe!




The biggest surprise in Milan was the place called Lambrate. It is one of a kind. It reminded me of a small Berlin and If I tell you you can find anything there, I mean it. Ventura Lambrate offers you all kinds of designs: classy, modern and totally crazy ones! It’s a place that’s worth to see just because of the Design Schools presenting student’s works. The new generation of designers is coming and it’s good to have eye on it.






If you want to feel for a while like Alice in Wonderland – please go to Rossana Spazio Orlandi it’s a beautiful place presenting all sorts of designs during the Design Week. It can surprise or tire you, it depends on who you are, but for sure it will be good pick.


It’s also always a good place to meet famous designers. You may end up listening to a lecture in the garden given by as famous a designer as Jamie Hayon like I did :)



More glass design on : 


Thanks to Boris H.


Photo credits : Justyna Turek


This post will be different than usual because I will combine a couple of fields in one.

Fashion and Design.

Lately I discovered that transparent objects are everywhere.

Such materials as plastic, plexiglass or acrylic started to compete with wood or metal.  What can I say? It works well.

Maybe its not the best material to recycle but we can re-use it.

How? Maybe let’s take a look to the fashion…. ( good timing Parisian fashion week is on! )

The transparent trend is really “chic” on catwalks lately.

Established in 1960 by legendary fashion icon Valentino Garavani and designed today by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, “Valentino” is one of the best known fashion brands worldwide. Since 1967 they have been dressing almost everybody at the Oscar ceremonies’ red carpet. Collection for spring 2013 is just compelling. Shoes, bags and jewelry are all made of plexiglass…..Something more? Coat? Why not!

red valention sheer rain trench coat

valentino-spring-2013-rtw-transparent-high-heels-wedges valentino-spring-2013-transparent-clutch-bangles valentino-spring-summer-2013-campaign-2

Furla has created and manufactured in Italy handbags, shoes and accessories since 1927. These collections are constructed with high quality craftsmanship and style, and are distributed all over the world. Furla are producing a cute and nice bag named Candy Bag – guess what? Bloggers love  it.


Central Saint Martin’s graduate Christopher Kane, a Scottish fashion designer born in 1982 and based in London, set London Fashion Week alight in 2006 with his punchy debut collection of neon bandage dresses. He has since cultivated a legion of style set devotees – expect It accessories, mis-match texture clashes and fantasy florals at every turn.

Clutch bag looking like a masterpiece.


But its not all about fashion! Not at all.

I need to admit that what’s happening during fashionweek has a reflection on the design scene and vice versa. Glass is now very present in design. So what about plastic or plexiglass then?


And I mean a lot in one word “done”

Design company founded in Milan in 1949, Kartell combines creativity, innovation and glamour to create a unique collection of plastic style icons. They almost invented plastic. They are the KINGS of plastic. Everybody knows Kartell’s plastic seats.

Kartell-Lou-Lou-ghost-chair_nest-dallas_pink_childrens-chair__46014_zoom Kartell kartell06

I found some interest in the Arborem design company from Argentina. They are playing with ours eyes. Minimo Lamps aren’t gravity objects. The Acrylic base of the lamp is working as an invisible power keeping lamps in the air. Perfect solution for people who like classic looks with contemporary settings.

minimo lamo minimo7


From Paris with Love – GlassloveStrawberry ( Justyna Turek )

Thanks to Boris H.

Dear Readers!

I will tell You a story… it’s not about some fancy princesses or ugly dragons.  Not this time.

This story will be about coffe. Yes Coffee! And it will be really simple: Finnish and British designers Lasse Oiva and Amos Field Reid from London Royal College of Art met and got an idea. They both love coffee like almost everybody, and they both love bikes… Brainstorming ……and then…..


This is how Velopresso was created!

Combination of two passions!


You don’t need  a lot – it’s an espresso mobil bar – powered by human muscles.

No electricity or gasoline, therefore ecological at the same time! You just need 5 seconds of cycling and BOOM! You have a decent double espresso. Give them 10 more and you will have 2 !

Perfect solution for festivals, picnics or other outdoor activities but also for normal citylife.

Field Reid and Oiva are currently building the team that will take Velopresso from prototype through to production and sales. The UK-manufactured production model will be available for pre-order in early summer 2013.






Finalist SustainRCA Award, 2012

 Pininfarina Design Contest, 2012 (2nd prize)

 Deutsche Bank Award in Design, 2012 (winners)

 Finnish Cultural Foundation (grant award), 2012

Justyna T. / Boris H.

Do you also believe that every objects have a life?

If you do, this article is for you. It’s gonna be a lot of wax but don’t be scared! It’s not gonna hurt.

Once again we gonna see Merye Kahraman’s design and we’re gonna need to stop because I think that all of us know that she is good.

So this time – REVITALIZER!

The Wax Lamp recreates itself over time, allowing for the owner to re-use it and observe the growing-old, dying and rebirth cycle of the lamp. A little bit like the phoenix myth.

This lamp is obviously for patient people…

The high voltage bulb inside the lamp melts the wax slowly and after all the wax melts down into the cup, the heat resistance inside the core helps the wax to create a new mould.

Once the wax cools down and takes its shape, the user can take it out and replace it into the top part of the lamp. This way you can take part in the process of giving a new life to the wax.

The soft lampshade that “revitalizer” gives out and the various shapes it forms while melting, create surprise and a feeling of relaxation.

What can you also want from a lamp?

oh yes if you want more…. there is REVITALIZER 2 !

by Justyna Turek // Boris H.

It is always a good decision to appreciate a funny design. We don’t like boring design. We don’t like it and we don’t want it. What do we want?

ombrenelcielo wants great ideas!
ombrenelcielo want ridiculous solutions!

ombrenelcielo wants to have a ceramic pillow sink!

Let’s face it. MYLLEV looks amazing.

MYLLEV – washbasin is designed for individuals seeking originality and their own relationship to the washbasin. The concept of this pillow-shaped basin evokes the idea of having a washbasin in the bedroom. It suits classic interiors but also extremely modern spaces. The lightness of MYLLEV is so surprising, just like the real pillow. But we don’t suggest to have a pillow fight with it.

I admit it, Czech designers are amazing. Go for it guys!

Who are they?

LLEV design studio was founded in 2004 by two graduates from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Eva Polachová and Marcel Mochal.

The Mission of LLEV sound, create vital pragmatic objects for everyday use within a sensitive society. Designs of LLEV usually contain hidden meanings. Objects should have their own story.

Justyna Turek&Boris Hodonou

Make a wish!

Bubble Lamp? Done it!

We felt in love in design of Merye Kahraman’s. We are having hope you will also share this feelings. Do you remember when you were small? Come one! That wasn’t that long time ago… bubbles were the best part of fun. But now we are adults and we need to work and do all this boring stuff.

But not for this English designer  – We can be still kids…somethimes.


REGENERATOR is a bubble lamp that gives rebirth to itself with time. The bubble machine ( seriously..that was my dream to have it! ) inside the wooden base creates bubbles. What more that the bubbles are reflected with the red Led spot lights from the bottom. Ramdom shapes, sounds and different colors showed during the process of bubbles.


That’s all makes you feel like in a dream…

Shape of lamp mady by wood have a unique line and perfect suits to pure interior.

But whats after?

When the machine is turned off, the honeycomb structure of the bubbles slowly reverts to its orginal state – soap and flows back to surces.Want to see bubbles again? Just turn it on. The best part of it’s that you never know how the bubbles will looks like.


thanks to Boris H.

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