80’s bad haircut.

When  Le Ombre nel Cielo asked 80’s Bad Haircut which kind of music do you play?, Marie and Andrea said electrofolkfunkyfresh and probably a mix of folk lyrics and modern electro pop and Le Ombre nel Cielo liked that a lot. Here is a special interview with our favourite electrofolkfunkyfresh duo, Marie from France and Andrea from Italy: a married couple – or are they really? – currently based in Palermo and soon to be moving to London, that got together to play music we really enjoy.

While you’re reading this, we strongly recommend you to put your headphones on and go to soundcloud.com to listen to their EP And Justice for all the Cheese!, which you can download for free – isn’t that a wonderful Christmas present?!

80's Bad Haircut

Le Ombre nel Cielo – When was it that you first got interested in music? Do you have a little story to tell us about that?

80’s Bad Haircut, Andrea – When I was a teenager at a concert ska-core of The Shandon… I was about 14. Then I began to play bass into a punk-rock band, Zoidberg Punk… We were pretty terrible but I really enjoyed it.

80’s Bad Haircut, Marie – My parents offered me a Vinyl player for kids, on which I used to listen some stories before I get to sleep. One day, I found some vinyl of Ben E. King into the living room. I fell in love with that disk and listened to it maybe 10 times a day, so my parents decided to hide it. Forever.

LOnC – If you were asked to explain which kind of music do you make, what would you answer? What do you think about music genres: is it easy to categorize your music?

M – Mmmm I honestly have no idea of which kind of music we make. I’d say electrofolkfunkyfresh. That’s actually pretty hard to put a name on what you do… Way easier when you listen to other bands but yours I guess.

A – Yeah it’s probably a mix of folk lyrics and modern electro pop… Dunno actually.

80's Bad Haircut

LOnC – Is there any special place where do you like to go to get inspired? How important is the city and Country you live in, in relation to your music?

M – I do the lyrics and Andrea creates the music… I have no special place in particular which makes me more inspired… More situations, people I interact with, funny moments and maybe periods of the year like spring and summer. If you ask me to write something in winter it’s probably gonna be dark and sad…

A – The place doesn’t matter that much to me either, I just need a mini guitar and something to record the melodic ideas I have… Pretty often, inspiration comes while I’m driving or walking on my own.

LOnC – What do you do, besides making music? Tell us a little about yourself: we would like to know more about you.

A – I’ve always been passionate of graphics and I love making videos… I actually hope I’ll become a music video maker someday.

M – We’re about to move to London and see what’s happening for both of us… I love Art… Music, literature, graphics, paintings… I used to be the responsible of an Art bookshop when I lived in Lyon (France) and I’d like to have my own someday. For now I still need to be less immature (haha)…

LOnC – Could you pick your all time favourite musician? Also, could you name some of the emerging artists that are inspiring you the most at the moment?

MMy all time favourite one? Wow that’s a tuff one cause I like so many different things… Mmmm I grew-up listening to the Rolling Stones and Bowie thanks to my folks and I do really like them, but… I’d say the band Eels… It’s been like 15 years I listen to them and I love every one of their songs. The singer voice is truly amazing. The emerging artists that inspire us right now are surely San Cisco, Darwin Deez, Metronomy…

A – My music tastes are always changing, I’d not be able to name my favorite artist ever… I grew up listening to punk-hardcore, then I had a really intense electro-rock phase with the Does It Offend You, Yeah?!. Lately I’ve been in fond of Alt-J, The Virgins, The Rapture… Concerning the emerging artists who inspire me, I’d say the Ex-Lovers.

80's Bad Haircut

LOnC – Which is the question that we have missed to ask during our little interview? What would you ask yourself, that we haven’t asked, about your music project?

M & A – Are you a real couple or do you just pretend, like The White Stripes? We’re married and we got two sons in College.

80’s Bad HaircutCheese on Bread!

Thanks a million to 80’s Bad Haircut! Don’t forget to visit and like their Facebook page!

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