susanne sundfør.

After a few weeks of absence, music comes back on Ombrenelcielo with a young and talented artist from Norway: Susanne Sundfør – whose new album, The Silicone Veil, has been a recent, pleasant discovery of mine and among the ones I have played the most.

When I say young artist I do know what I’m talking about, as Susanne Sundfør is just one year older than me and yet she’s been playing music for over 6 years – since her debut single Walls, in 2006. Born in 1986 in Haugesund, Norway, Susanne currently lives in Oslo, where she’s moved after having pursued her studies at the University of Bergen.

Before releasing her debut album, Susanne has been performing with numerous well-known Norwegian artists – among them, one of my favourites, Ane Brun: between 2005 and 2006, in fact, the young artist’s popularity grew rapidly after her many appearances at famous Norwegian festivals, such as by:Larm. After performing on National TV 2, Susanne conquered the Norwegian media’s attention so much, that when Walls came out, in 2007, it topped every radio of the Country.

Susanne Sundfør has come a long way since Walls: she has in fact released 5 albums, starting from the self-titled debut Susanne Sundfør (2007) – which showcased the single Walls and for which Susanne won the Norwegian Grammy Award for Best Female Artist of the Year, Take One (2008), The Brothel (2010) – because of which Susanne started to get noticed outside Scandinavia as well, A Night at Salle Pleyel (2011) and, finally, The Silicone Veil, released this very year.

What has stroken me the most, since the first time I listened to The Silicone Veil, is the fact that there is no track, among the 10 ones in the album, that feels even slightly similar to the previous one – I was in fact listening to 10 wonderfully different pieces, which were yet undoubtedly connected to one another. In this multifaceted soundscapes, which varies from electro to classical, the melodies are warm and the lyrics are complex and deep.

Susanne summarizes The Silicone Veil using four effective words: “apocalypse, death, love and snow”. The first single taken from the album, White Foxes, has been extremely well-recieved by the public and comes with a beautiful, intriguing video.

Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes

Read more about Susanne Sundfør on!


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