This lamp is ALIVE!

Do you also believe that every objects have a life?

If you do, this article is for you. It’s gonna be a lot of wax but don’t be scared! It’s not gonna hurt.

Once again we gonna see Merye Kahraman’s design and we’re gonna need to stop because I think that all of us know that she is good.

So this time – REVITALIZER!

The Wax Lamp recreates itself over time, allowing for the owner to re-use it and observe the growing-old, dying and rebirth cycle of the lamp. A little bit like the phoenix myth.

This lamp is obviously for patient people…

The high voltage bulb inside the lamp melts the wax slowly and after all the wax melts down into the cup, the heat resistance inside the core helps the wax to create a new mould.

Once the wax cools down and takes its shape, the user can take it out and replace it into the top part of the lamp. This way you can take part in the process of giving a new life to the wax.

The soft lampshade that “revitalizer” gives out and the various shapes it forms while melting, create surprise and a feeling of relaxation.

What can you also want from a lamp?

oh yes if you want more…. there is REVITALIZER 2 !

by Justyna Turek // Boris H.


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