why i love Zeng Han.

There is not much biographical info on Chinese photographer Zeng Han, born in 1974, China.  He received a BA in International Journalism and Communication at the Jinan University in Guangzhou and attended the artist residency program at the School of Visual Arts, New York.  And then all in all, his resume is filled with shows and awards that are absolutely well deserved.  The focus of his work is on portraits and landscapes and how the traditional blurs into pop culture and the modern.

I love his work because it is pure and fresh and real and of course raw. What I also love is the artist’s statement that goes with each set. The originality of his work is in agreement with his interest in a different kind of reality, one superior to the reality we think we know. His records of modern China and its transformations are so much more than simply documenting, because he manages to look past what most people see and blend rich Chinese tradition with contemporary China. The issues and themes in his work and the nature of it make it work on a personal as well as on a social level.

(All images belong to the artist.)

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