lucy rose.

By the age of 23, Lucy Rose Parton had already played with popular British indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club and toured the world with one another well known band, Noah and The Whale, last Spring. A month ago, her first album Like I Used To has been released and Lucy Rose has already been compared to the famous and talented British female vocalist Laura Marling.

Lucy was born in Surrey, England, in 1989. She started dealing with music at a very early age, when she picked up the drums in her school orchestra and she started writing songs on her piano, at home. At the age of sixteen, when she finally bought a guitar and begun teaching herself, Lucy composed her first pieces – yet she didn’t performed them to anybody and she kept on making music privately until she graduated from high school.

It’s not surprising that, when she turned 18 and moved to London, instead of enrolling to the University College of London to study geography, Lucy started to experiment more with her music, playing around London, along with other emerging young musicians and bands. Jack Steadman, the frontman of Bombay Bicycle Club, didn’t take too long to notice Lucy‘s talent and remarkable voice and, soon enough, the friendship between Jack and Lucy developed into a form of collaboration: on Jack‘s request, Lucy performed backing vocals on Bombay Bicycle Club‘s new acoustic piece Flaws – and in many other pieces on the same album.

After performing some backing vocals on the latest album of Bombay Bicycle Club, A Different Kind of Fix, Lucy officially entered the British indie rock music scene with a bang. She played at various festivals in the UK and released four singles, before signing up for Columbia Records, in May this year. Her song Don’t You Worry appeared in the 6th season of the well-known British TV show Skins, which contributed even more to Lucy‘s popularity – that, besides, was growing stronger on the web too, thanks especially to her music videos, shot by her friend Orestes Mitas.

Like I Used To, released in September, has already received a lot of positive comments: it contains 15 tracks, all of them light and extremely enjoyable. What I like the most about Lucy Rose‘s music, in fact, is its lightness of heart and its simplicity – each song on the album is straight forward when it comes down both to melody and lyrics.

Enjoy Lucy Rose‘s Like I Used To on Spotify!

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