why i love Christopher Anderson.

Christopher Anderson, born in 1970, spent most of his childhood in Texas, where his father was a preacher. Soon he moved to New York and and then Paris. He learned how to develop and print in the lab of the Dallas Morning News, and was soon hired by a Colorado newspaper. However, the life of an employee photographer wasn’t what Anderson was looking after, so he left in order to do freelance assignments. Initially working in colour but then also in black and white, he has been traveling the world documenting social issues and conflict zones. In 2010 he became a full member of Magnum photos and is currently based in New York.

There are lots of things that are special about Christopher Anderson and one of them surely is his famous 1999 journey on a handmade wooden boat along with Haitian refugees trying to get to the USA. The boat sank in the Carribean and and it did not only change the photographers perspectives in his work but also established a new genre, that of experiential documentary. He is not a distant observer of the situations around him, but he is actually living in them, and this allows him to depict them very differently, raw and real. To him a photograph is basically about feelings and emotions and if that isn’t captured, then there is no point in the picture’s existence. He obviously manages to capture the often self experienced emotions perfectly.

All photos belong to Christopher Anderson and Magnum Photos.


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