Merye Kahraman’s REGENERATOR (a.k.a. Bubble Lamp)

Make a wish!

Bubble Lamp? Done it!

We felt in love in design of Merye Kahraman’s. We are having hope you will also share this feelings. Do you remember when you were small? Come one! That wasn’t that long time ago… bubbles were the best part of fun. But now we are adults and we need to work and do all this boring stuff.

But not for this English designer  – We can be still kids…somethimes.


REGENERATOR is a bubble lamp that gives rebirth to itself with time. The bubble machine ( seriously..that was my dream to have it! ) inside the wooden base creates bubbles. What more that the bubbles are reflected with the red Led spot lights from the bottom. Ramdom shapes, sounds and different colors showed during the process of bubbles.


That’s all makes you feel like in a dream…

Shape of lamp mady by wood have a unique line and perfect suits to pure interior.

But whats after?

When the machine is turned off, the honeycomb structure of the bubbles slowly reverts to its orginal state – soap and flows back to surces.Want to see bubbles again? Just turn it on. The best part of it’s that you never know how the bubbles will looks like.


thanks to Boris H.


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