Coldair is the solo project of the independent young musician Tobiasz Biliński, whose Polish-Norwegian band formation Kyst has been already delighiting festivals’ crowds for a couple of years, in Europe and abroad. Therefore, if you haven’t heard of Kyst yet, it is time for you to get to know them.

Tobiasz, co-founder of Kyst with Adam Byczkowski, particularly fond of his band’s peculiar and interesting combination of freak folk and post-rock sounds, has started working on his personal project Coldair not longer than a couple of years ago, while still performing with Kyst.

Coldair‘s music is dreamy and emotional, yet minimalistic: combining his soft and melancholic voice with a range of sounds, which reminds of early Sigur Rós and Jónsi & Alex‘s project Riceboy Sleeps, Tobiasz songs are suspended in a beautiful dreamlike dimension, while bits of wind and string instruments are cleverly inserted here and there, to make everything sound even more special. Tobiasz vocals and lyrics have quickly become as dear to me as others of independent European folk artists such as The Bony King of Nowhere and I am Oak.

Coldair lives and works between Cracow and Warsaw, Poland, and he writes and composes his songs at home or on the road, while touring with Kyst. Besides making music, Tobiasz Biliński runs with his friend Adam Byczkowski a do-it-yourself-style record label, called Gingerbread Records, under which Kyst produces their music, and a booking agency, Gingerbread Booking.

Coldair‘s latest album was released last year, in October, under the Polish record label Antena Krzyku: Far South, produced by Tobiasz in cooperation with Michał Kupicz, has both a CD and a vinyl version. The album, characterized by Coldair‘s unmistakable peaceful atmospheres, contains eight songs with an addition of three special versions of the tracks I Wonder/Outdated, I Won’t Stay Up and Together/Alone.

visit Coldair‘s Myspace, Bandcamp and Spotify to listen to Tobiasz Biliński‘s magical and affectional music: here is an artist that really deserves a much bigger audience, outside Poland and Europe too.

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