why i love Marilyn Bridges.

Marilyn Bridges is an American photographer born in New Jersey in 1948. She studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1979 and her Master of Fine Arts in 1981. She started her photography career by working for travel magazines in 1970 and photographing Brazil in 1972. In 1976 Bridges became interested in aerial photography when she photographed the Nazca plain in Peru. Ever since she has won so many awards and has developed a really breathtaking style for black and white aerial photographs of ancient as well as modern landscapes, and extraordinary or religious sites. Her photos unlike most aerial ones function as sources of information and documentation but also as fine art of the finest and self expression.

Bridges’ passion for flying and her passion for photography are perfectly combined. In her work she documents and deciphers real hidden messages of mankind over a span of thousands of years. When you look at her photography you appreciate structures and places differently, in a way that is impossible from the ground and it makes you wonder who they are made for. According to Marilyn Bridges what she photographs was and still is being made for the eyes of the gods and this is what it feels like after looking for a while. The strange ritualistic nature of the pyramids doesn’t differ much from the skyscrapers of New York City. Bridges manages to give these sites the beauty and majesty they enclose. At the same time you have the chance to witness the industrialization and destruction of the modern landscape and how this is not definitely a sign of progress. Bridges work is geological but at the same time so strongly human that she surely deserves to be considered a classic.


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