russian red.

Russian Red is the pseudonym and stage name of Spanish indie folk artist Lourdes Hernández.

Russian Red‘s music project begun in 2007, when a young Lourdes met the artist Brian Hunt, a musician of Spanish and English origin; they started playing together and eventually recorded a demo, which reached an impressive number of listeners on Russian Red‘s MySpace page. Before releasing the first full length album, though, Brian abandoned the project, leaving Lourdes as the only member of Russian Red; since then, the young and talented singer songwriter has become very popular and is known by many as the Spanish Feist – the Canadian musician is in fact one of Lourdes’s favourites.

Lourdes chose the name Russian Red according to the colour russian red – the one of the lipstick that she usually wears: “I had a band without a name some time ago. Since then, I was haunted by an obsession: to find the ideal artistic name. One day, I fell in love with this colour that a girl was wearing. I pronounced its name, and now it is my pseudonym.”

Starting by performing in small clubs in Madrid between 2007 and 2008, Russian Red played at various festivals, both in Spain and Europe, and became more and more popular among the Spanish indie scene. When producer Fernando Vacas asked Lourdes to record an album under his label Eureka, Russian Red had already played in places like Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, USA, Mexico and Costa Rica.

I Love Your Glasses, released in 2008, was a very successful first album for Russian Red, which sold over 40.000 copies and showcased three well appreciated singles. Lourdes’s exceptional voice and her ability to connect spontaneously with the audience were the key to Russian Red‘s popularity, which was certified by various music awards and nominations.

It was with Fuerteventura, though, that Lourdes gained international recognition: the second album of Russian Red, in fact, was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland, and produced by Tony DooganBelle & Sebastian‘s producer. Released in May 2011, under the label Octubre – a division of Sony Music in Spain, Fuerteventura brought along some changes for Russian Red, who shows a more complex and mature style compared to I Love Your Glasses.  

Fuerteventura is a collection of 11 songs, plus a revisited version of Cigarettes from I Love Your Glasses, two bonus tracks and two acoustic tracks – one of which is my personal favourite, The Sun The Trees. The album is extremely engaging, because of the different feelings that Lourdes transmits, piece by piece: from melancholic ballads to cheerful and light songs, Fuerteventura fully showcases Russian Red‘s talent at composing. “I wrote many of the songs while I was on the road. For this reason they show different states of mind, as during my concert tour I went through a lot of different experiences“. Everyday Everynight is the first song of the album and the new video of Russian Red.

Russian RedEveryday Everynight

I love listening to Russian Red because she reminds me not only of Feist, but also of Belle & Sebastian, God Help The Girl and First Aid Kit at the same time. If you are a fan of these artists too, read more about Russian Red on – you won’t be disappointed!

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