I remember myself eagerly listening to Reservoir, Fanfarlo‘s first album, when I was still living in Milano, in 2009. three years later, Fanfarlo‘s new album has just been released: a good excuse for me to write about a band I love and a good reason for you to start listening to Fanfarlo, if you haven’t yet.

Fanfarlo are Simon Balthazar – from Sweden and responsible for bringing the band together, Amos MemonCathy LucasJustin Finch and Leon Beckenham; based in London, UK; they have been playing together since 2006 and their music is a pleasant fusion of a great variety of instruments, such as trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, violins, mandolins, glockenspiels, musical saws and the good old guitars, drums and basses.

The band’s name is a tribute to Charles Baudelaire and his novella La Fanfarlo, a fictionalized autobiography, which the poet wrote years before the popular volume of poetry Les Fleurs du mal.

Inspired by well known indie folk artists, such as Belle & Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens and Neutral Milk Hotel, Fanfarlo started performing live in various indie venues in London in 2006 and begun to release a numerous amount of limited edition 7” singles under different London-based independent record labels.

Reservoir, Fanfarlo‘s debut album was finally recorded in the States, produced by Peter Katis and released in February 2009 under the band’s own record label Raffle Bat: it contained twelve wonderfully addictive pieces that really reminded me, because of sounds and vocals, of Neutral Milk Hotel. I’m a Pilot, the first song of Reservoir, has remained one of my favourites after a few years.

Rooms Filled with Light, Fanfarlo‘s second full length album, has just been released last February and its first song, Replicate, was already published as a video in September 2011.

To my great relief, the album is as appealing as their first one: Fanfarlo have chosen twelve songs this time around too, making Rooms Filled with Light the perfect length for me to fully appreciate it time after time. Vocals, choirs and the clever use of the band’s favourite instruments haven’t changed, yet the album is richer in sound and the result is more mature than the first one, proving that Fanfarlo have definitely grown over the years.


Fanfarlo has a wonderfully updated web page with more videos, photographs and tour dates at – go there to read the band’s latest news and to listen to more Fanfarlo!

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