rue royale.

be happy: after two weeks of absence, Ombre nel Cielo’s music article is back!

today I would like to introduce you to Rue Royale, a folk-alternative duo based in Nottingham, UK.

Rue Royal are Ruth Dekker, from England, and Brooklyn Dekker, from the States. The couple met in Chicago around the year 2000, when Ruth went there to tour with her former band and Brooklyn played the drums for them in a few shows; then, the year after, when Ruth went back to the States, in occasion of a friend’s wedding, they fell in love and got married in 2003.

Rue Royal as a band was born in 2006, when the couple started playing together: back in the UK, Ruth and Brooklyn started to tour around Europe and haven’t stopped ever since. The band is, in fact, touring at the moment: what Rue Royale love the most is playing live, sharing their passion about music with their fans.

I was instantly caught by Rue Royale‘s music: for me, it is the perfect combination of gentle folk, with acoustic guitars and simple melodies, and warm and soft voices – both Ruth and Brooklyn sing alternatively or together and their tone of voices are equally pleasant. The lyrics are simple and true too: according to the alternative-folk tradition, they are not pretentious, but they speak of love, feelings and everyday things and situations.

This adorable illustration is the cover of Rue Royale‘s latest album, Guide to an Escape, which was released in March last year. The band has always been independent: without the backing of a label or manager, they have released two albums and two EP’s since 2008 and have been accumulating a numerous amount of fans, thanks to the million of shows that the duo has been playing around Europe.

Guide to an Escape, with a tracklist of 11 songs, is clearly a celebration of Ruth and Brooklyn’s life on the road and their personal experiences related to it; as their biography goes, on their website, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination. The adventure is theirs, and yours, for the taking.

Rue RoyalGuide to an Escape

Visit to read more about this lovely duo and to learn about their current tour dates: you might be lucky enough to have them play in your home town tomorrow or the day after!

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