why i love Douglas Kirkland.

Inspired by the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, which was of course a few days ago, this post couldn’t be about anyone but Douglas Kirkland, the creator of some of the most legendary pictures ever. Born in Toronto in 1934 he is now one of the most recognizable photographers in the USA. He began working as a photographer at the age of 24 for Look magazine and later went on to work for Life magazine, and not only, while capturing the 60s and the 70s through his magic lens. There are few Hollywood stars he hasn’t photographed in his long career. Through the years he has worked on the set of over 150 films, has published several books and of course received plenty of awards. He keeps working and living in Hollywood Hills, California.

No doubt, his portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and others are some of the most famous and iconic photos around. He has acquired the well deserved status he enjoys today because of the way he views people he portrays. Not as stars but as people. Also the natural flow of his images, and his photosets is unusual for a portrait photographer and manage to set him apart. The confidence and precision with which he uses his camera make it similar to a weapon that actually steals the spirit of the subject, as Kirkland himself believes when it comes to the qualities of photography. Photographing some of the most beautiful people, he manages to revolutionize and reinvent their beauty overpowering most of their other portraits because of the sincere take and minimalistic approach.


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