Watch out where you sitting!


by Merye Kahraman

Furniture…Furniture …and more furniture…Nowadays we have so many furniture designers. Some are bad and some are good, it usually depends of how long they have been in the business. But not always. You can still have no idea about design and make something  amazing !

We all have a chance to be famous still…but maybe more about already made works.

So Sit Down now! Chairs!

First  – A chair needs to be made from solid material for example WOOD (we love wood)

Second – A chair needs to be comfortable. so one must use good quality material. for example LEATHER (we adore leather)

Third – A chair needs to be useful, so you can put it and use it everywhere , and the color is supposed to suit any interior (we just love pure colors)

And of course the most important –  A chair is supposed to stand out in big furniture shop.

Make yourself comfortable and look now.

Designer Merye Kahraman created a set of chairs with bunny ears and horns. The hybrid collection was inspired by the mythologies of parahumans.No more boring chairs! She puts class and fun in the same object.

This English designer tried to combine “animal-chairs” with the person who sits on it. Perfect symbiosis. Now the chair becomes part of you and vice versa!

How amazing is that?

Comfortable? Yes! Handmade and available in different leathers,

Solid? Yes! It’s made out of good quality wood,

Useful? Yes! The Queen of England would have loved to have this kind of throne

And you will always notice this chair…maybe because of the bunny ears…


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