DMY 2012

During the Design Days in Berlin (ex airport Tempelhof) I was looking for something new, fresh and surprising. I saw a lot of curious  works, funny but useless things and works that I don’t even want to talk about.

Suddenly (horror music in the back) In the middle of a hall was something surprisingly easy.Normal green and transparent glass vases combined with pieces of wood.

Scolyt Series was the designer by young designer Marco Merkel from Berlin ( Sternzeichen Fuchs group).Take a look !

What’s wonderful with that kind of glass is that it is perfect, original and combined with such a great material as wood. The delicate line of glass contrasts with the hard material.

You can’t buy the vases separately. Only in duet with wood. Which is I think a great idea. You are buying the idea, not just another piece of design.


Strawberry – Justyna Turek


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