alessi’s ark.

Alessi’s Ark is the name under which Alessi Laurent-Marke, a 22-year-old british musician, performs.

I liked the idea of a boat, where everybody is welcome, even friends that are geographically far away – we are together.

Alessi was born in 1990 in Hammersmith, West London, UK.

Her love for music became clear at an early age, once her mother gave her a copy of Graham Nash‘s album Songs for Beginners; when she was 11, since she was required to pick up a musical instrument in her secondary school, she chose to play the drums, inspired by Meg White of the White Stripes. It was her drum teacher who suggested Alessi’s family to take her to various bands’ performances weekly – as he was playing in a local band, he was the first one to recognize Alessi’s talent for music.

Because of the numerous shows she was attending to with her dad – up to four times a week, Alessi developed even more strongly her music knowledge: in fact she decided to start a fanzine, where she wrote not only about her favourite bands, but also about her favourite books and films. Brain Bulletin, Alessi’s fanzine – which she still continues to write nowadays in the form of a blog – was distributed at local concerts and even through a local record shop and a launderette.

For her music coursework in school, she had to compose a song: it was when she picked up her sister’s guitar and started writing what became Glendora, one of the tracks in her debut album – Glendora was a combination of poetry and stories that Alessi was writing on her Brain Bulletin and she eventually performed it at a school assembly.

It didn’t took too long for 16-year-old Alessi to discover her love for writing music and performing; in fact she decided to leave school to pursue her music career, which has been intense and successful since the very beginning. First through MySpace and then through local shows, Alessi started to became popular around British folk music scene: she independently released her first EP Bedroom Bound, then EMI offered her a deal and she eventually signed to Virgin Records at 17 years old.

Since 2007, after her Bedroom Bound EP, Alessi’s has come very far: not only she has been releasing a numerous amount of EP’s and albums, but she’s been performing live alongside internationally known artists like Emilíana Torrini and Laura Marling – not to mention that Alessi has chosen to be produced by Mike Mogis, member of Bright Eyes.

In 2010, Alessi’s Ark left Virgin Records for the independent label Bella Union, under which she released her second full length album, Time Travel, in April 2011. Time Travel, Alessi’s latest released album, is a collection of 12 songs, very soft and enjoyable, that tell stories like only Alessi’s music can.

Alessi’s ArkBirdsong


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