hanne hukkelberg.

Hanne Hukkelberg is one another interesting and peculiar singer-songwriter from Norway, whose latest album Featherbrain has particularly caught me and brought her unique music to my attention.

Hanne was born in Kongsberg, Norway in 1979; rumors has it that she discovered her passion for music as a baby when, at three years old, she started playing with kitchen utensils and singing to it. Her love for peculiar and noise-making objects has never fade since then, as Hanne, along with piano, guitars and drums, plays a various range of instruments, more or less uncommon among other artists. When in 2003 she graduated from the Academy of Music in Oslo, Hanne had already been playing in a numerous amount of bands of various genres: metal, progressive rock and jazz were among Hanne‘s favourite types of music in her early twenties.

Hanne Hukkelberg‘s debut album didn’t take long to come out: after working with two well known producers and musicians, Kåre Vestrheim and Kaada, Little Things was released in 2004 – described as eccentric and adventurous, the full length album got immediately a lot of attention from the critics. Shortly after, the EP Cast Anchor was released under the same label, the Leaf Label, in 2005. During six months spent in BerlinHanne worked on her second album, Rykestrasse 68, which was released in 2007 and known to be more lyrical and warm. Blood From a Stone, released in 2009, with its indie rock mood, was Hanne‘s third album and it was actually responsible for her international debut: the year after, in fact, the Norwegian singer-songwriter toured worldwide with Wilco.

Featherbrain is Hanne Hukkelberg‘s most recent work, released on February this current year, and the result of a journey to New York, where the artist wrote the new material. Being her 4th full length album, Featherbrain is said to be Hanne‘s most complex and complete piece, a fusion between Blood From a Stone‘s indie rock and Rykestrasse 68‘s lyrical mood: “This album feels like the missing link, the record that concludes my first years as a solo artist… Featherbrain is its own beast, but it still has aspects of the other three in it.

What I especially love about Featherbrain is the variety of genres and styles that this album holds: each of its ten tracks are different from one another and the complex layers of instruments hidden here and there are something new to be discovered every time I turn it on. It was when I listened to Featherbrain for the first time that I was really amazed by Hanne Hukkelberg‘s music: as much as I liked Blood From a Stone, it hadn’t affected me like Featherbrain did – for me, it definitely showcases all of Hanne‘s talent and complexity at once.

Hanne HukkelbergMy Devils

Listen to Hanne Hukkelberg‘s intriguing music and visit her website at hannehukkelberg.com!

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