Memoryhouse is not just something to listen to but also something to look at: this Canadian dream pop duo in fact is a marvelous combination of music and images, which makes it extremely unique.

Memoryhouse was born in Guelph, a mid-size town in Ontario, Canada, where the music scene has been extremely active and lively for the last couple of decades – base of the Hillside Festival, Guelph has seen the debut of bands such as The Arcade Fire.

The duo wasn’t exactly meant to be a band: in 2010, when musician Evan Abeele and photographer Denise Nouvion met, they were going to start a multimedia art project, based on the combination of Evan’s music and Denise’s photographic art works – as a student of classical music, Evan wanted to pair his instrumental composition with Denise’s photographs and short films, to make it possible for photography and music to go together and support one another.

What I love the most about Memoryhouse is, in fact, the way their music is strongly supported by their images: behind their sound there is a well thought visual image that characterizes the band unequivocally; if the original idea of the multimedia art project was then transformed into a more classic music band, it doesn’t mean that Denise Nouvion let her photographic art work behind: actually, the duo is visually influenced and directed by her magnificent taste. The bands album covers, photographs and videos are unique and yet beautifully connected to one another through Denise’s style; not every band out there is taking care of their own image like Memoryhouse: it makes it special!

When it comes down to music, Memoryhouse claims to be contemporary, yet it doesn’t want to be classified into any genre nor related to any specific era – something that could have happened many years ago as well as nowadays. The name itself, Memoryhouse, is in fact not only a tribute to the German composer Max Richter, but it is also related to memories as the act of looking back into the past, into something meaningful. Evan and Denise want to escape the paralysis of Canadian winter by creating a type of music that can tell stories, just like photographs do.

Before releasing their first full-length album, Memoryhouse took a couple of years: they wanted to experiment as much as possible with their voices and a various range of instruments, to create a mature and well thought-through sound. After the two 7” Lately – March 2010, Inflated Records and Caregiver – November 2010, Suicide Squeeze Records and the EP The Years – September 2011, Sub Pop Records, The Slideshow Effect was finally released last February by Sub Pop Records.

Memoryhouse’s debut album is a 10 track-album: the title is a clear tribute to photography and it sums up the duo’s love for visual art, photography and memories; the sound is dreamy and intriguing, easy to fall for and hard to forget about.

MemoryhouseThe Kids Were Wrong.

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