Sóley Stefánsdóttir is not only a member of one of my favourite Icelandic bands, Seabear, but she has also proved to be a magnificent singer-songwriter, when her first solo EP was released in 2010.

Sóley, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, is only 24 and yet has had a number of prestigious music experiences: beside the above-mentioned Seabear, in fact, she has been collaborating with the indie-collective Sin Fang too.

It is not a big surprise though, considering that music is what Sóley has been passionate the most about since she was a child: fascinated by Sigur Rós and Múm, she began making music as a teenager, then studied piano and composition in 2007, at the Icelandic Art Academy; that was when she started playing with Seabear and Sin Fang.

Despite her talent as a musician and as a pianist, Sóley wasn’t confident about her voice, which she thought wasn’t right for singing: she had been so concerned with it, when she joined the bands, that she wasn’t standing too close to the microphone.

In 2010 though, when Sóley had decided to release a solo EP, she overcame the fear of being a bad singer: with Theatre Island she in fact became aware of how versatile and unique her voice really was – that high sweet voice became her trademark, which still distinguish her among many other artists.

After Theatre Island, last year Morr Music – the same Icelandic record label as Pascal Pinon and many other distinctive artists – has finally released Sóley‘s debut album We Sink.

We Sink was received beautifully not only by the very many fans of Icelandic music, Seabear and Sin Fang, but it was also appreciated by those who were new to the Icelandic scene: it is a record, they say, which sounds like a dream. The album’s thirteen tracks are all connected, yet at the same time different from one another: Sóley‘s dreamy voice and her clever use of peculiar instruments are the unique combination that characterizes all of the songs, yet one of them comes out more folkish, one more electro-pop, and one another more like a piano ballad – that is why We Sink is intriguing and sounds new every time you listen to it.

SóleySmashed Birds

listen to more of Sóley Stefánsdóttir on Spotify and see also www.morrmusic.com!


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