why i love Hannah Starkey.

Lets pretend it is Wednesday, there is nothing wrong with that, and lets write/read about Hannah Starkey. This brilliant photographer was born in Belfast, in 1971 and now lives and works in London. She studied at Napier University and then at the Royal College of Art and began producing her first work in the mid-90s. Originally documentary oriented she showed a very sharp sense for spotting the ordinary and devoting herself to it. Sonn she went on to experiment with more theatretical composition finally pinning down her unique style that includes actors carefully positioned into ordinary yet carefully considered settings, that constitute a frozen moment in time. Her work has been exhibited all around the world in group and solo exhibitions.

The key to understanding Starkey’s work is her own description of it as ‘explorations of everyday experiences and observations of inner city life from a female perspective’. In her pictures, often very cinematic, architecture plays an important role but only to serve as a setting that will emphasize the subjects emotions and motions, the feelings of solitude, boredome, but also nostalgia. To achieve this she also uses the natural light very effectively. Her still images are uncomfortable pauses as well as whole narratives at once. By usuallyften leaving her work Untitled she further stresses the part gender, class, race, and identity play in her photographs, highlighting the metaphoric segregation and disconnection of the person in question. It is not hard to identify and feel part of this weird intimate world, entirely constructed by memories of strangers.


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