krista muir.

for the past month, since I have first discovered her music, Krista Muir has always been in my top artists playlist of – that is why this week it is her that I would like to talk to you about.

that cheerful and smart looking girl on the portrait above is Krista Muir, a indie rock singer-songwriter from Canada: born in Kingston, Ontario, she is now based in Montreal, Quebec, where she first moved to attend university.

Krista begun to make music more than a decade ago, under the stage name of Lederhosen Lucil, and released a numerous amount of albums. Only in 2007, though, she started to perform and record music under her real name: as of today, in fact, there are only two album by Krista Muir, despite the fact that she is already a well known artist  of the Canadian indie rock scene.

Not only Krista composes and produces her music, but she is also a sound engineer, a costume designer and a print-maker: no wonder that she is the one creating the covers of her own albums.

I got to know Krista‘s music because it is strongly related to some of my favourite artists, such as Paula i Karol: her cheerful indie folk is extremely pleasant to listen to, whatever the mood you are in.  In Europe, though, Krista is still not as well known as some other indie folk young bands – that is why I am hoping to give you a good piece of advice today, to whoever of you still doesn’t know her music.

Between Atoms is Krista‘s latest album, released in 2011: it is her most ambitious work to date, where she combines all of her talents. In the album, Krista plays a range of peculiar instruments – such as organ, memotron, stylophone, glockenspiel and different types of ukuleles – alongside with piano, percussions and her all-time-favourite vintage Yamaha keyboards. In her previous album Accidental Railway, released in 2008, Krista plays the violin too.

Despite the fact that Krista‘s work is often define as indie folk, she actually produces a variety of music styles, which are more complex than simple folk music and more versatile.

Krista MuirConcrete Lovesong

Don’t forget to visit Krista’s and have a great midsummer week!

Love, P.

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