why i love Hedda Morrison.

Hedda Morrison was born in Stuttgart,Germany, in 1908. As a young child she contracted polio, which caused her to walk with a limp. After completing her secondary education it wasn’t possible for her to find a paid job and so she went to study medicine, ending up in the State Institute for Photography inMunich. Since she still remained unemployed, in 1933 she decided to travel to China in response to an advertisement she saw in a photography journal. During her time in Bejing, using her Rolleiflex she took some of the most important pictures of the era, the old city, the markets, the people, After living China, Morrison moved to Hong Kong, then Borneo, eventually settling in Australia, where she died in 1991.

Mainly documenting, all of her work, but especially her photographs of China constitute a rich resource for historical research and an endless source of inspiration for contemporary artists, writers and designers. Hedda Morrison unlike other non-chinese photographers, was very interested in capturing the real people, their history and culture and so often worked together with native photographers and artists, helping create an impressive archive. Through her passion she has helped preserve a way of life that no longer exists but can still fascinate. In her photos one gets to look at real slices of time and space, and can imagine and bring to life all of her subjects and their stories. She is one of those who prove that photography is capable of flying you to any place any time.

  1. Thank you for this post. We at the Canberra Photographic Society (Hedda was a life member of the society) honour her by naming a portfolio competition after her.

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