it is the second time  that I am sharing my love for a duo based in Japan, here on Ombrenelcielo: this time the duo goes by the name of Lullatone.

Lullatone is the perfect match of Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida, that, since 2005, are happily married in Nagoya, Japan, and they share a beautiful house – which is also the studio where the magic of their music happens.

Seymour was bron in Kentucky, USA, where he begun experimenting with music during high school. It was in the States where he met with Tomida, an exchange student from Japan attending to his university. Very soon the two of them became romantically involved: the story has it that they fell in love after having a picnic together – Seymour took Tomida to the local Asian market, since she had trouble adapting herself to American food. When Tomida had to go back to Japan, Seymour decided to follow her and start a new life with her in a small apartment – the nest to the first Lullatone‘s pieces.

The reason for the name Lullatone is the fact that Seymour, when composing and playing music in their first tiny apartment in Nagoya, used to play soft and delicate melodies to sing Tomida to sleep, or simply not to wake her up: he would stay up late composing and recording songs – which he likes to call “tiny songs” – that were in fact lullabies for his girlfriend.

The first album by Lullatone, Computer Recital, came out in 2003 and since then the band has released more than 10 records between full albums and EP’s. The latest album, Soundtrack for Everyday Adventures, came out last year.

Like every other Lullatone‘s album, Soundtrack for Everyday Adventures not only features a beautiful, minimalistic but playful booklet – which characterizes the band’s unique style, but also showcases all Lullatone‘s range of favourite instruments: xylophones, keyboards, music boxes, toy drums and guitaleles.

The album is an instrumental and intimate anthology of songs, which celebrate the simple things of everyday life: just by reading the tracklist, I could pick up some favourites, such as  “Going to Buy Strawberries“, “an Older Couple Holding Hands“, “Riding a Bike Down a Big Hill and Taking Your Feet Off of the Pedals“, “a Picture of Your Grandparents When They Were Young“. A combination of soft and cheerful sounds with the sweetest of titles: that is what Lullatone are about and that is why I especially adore them.


LullatoneGrowing Up

To read more about and to listen to more Lullatone go on their website: – I must say one of the most complete band’s website ever and one of the most playful and cheerful too.

Take care and enjoy your week Lullatone’s style!

Love, P.

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