why i love Steve McCurry.

There is no chance you have never come across one of the stunning photographs of Steve McCurry, because they have been everywhere, especially his Afghan Girl from National Geographic. This American photographer was born in 1950, in Philadelphia. After obtaining his degree in theatre he got interested in photography when he began taking pictures for the Penn State newspaper. A couple of years later he left for India to work as a freelancer, and this is when his immense talent immersed. There he learned how to wait until people paid no attention to his camera and to capture the moment he was looking after. Crossing the border to Afghanistan in disguise, with film rolls sewn into his garment, he was the first one to depict the conflict, and his career took off instantly. Award after award, he keeps photographing areas of conflict and the people who suffer from these conflicts as well as other outcasts all over the world.

One thing you have to love about McCurry’s photography is the colour, no doubt. The world is steeped in colours and he is one of the few who can capture that even in the bleakest of circumstances. His all time favourite film Kodachrome, certainly aided him there, and he was officially the one to shoot the last roll of Kodachrome film produced ever, since it accompanied him for over 30 years and they had made each other famous. But apart from that, his other achievement is the faces of people. Unlike most, he doesn’t choose the landscape to show the damage done by any kind of war, it is more than evident in the faces of his subjects. His portraits are portraits of the actual people but at the same time portraits of a whole human condition. The souls of people, whose existence are indifferent to the dominant and wealthy of this world, pierce through McCurry’s photos and remain engraved in time forever.


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