Ice Ice Baby!

Frozen Animals straight from Brasil!

Porcelana is a very hard to make material but thanks to that – beautiful. Design Group Holaria combine tradictional staple with funny lookings animals – Pinguim Rei. And thats all about it in design – to connect two various ideas in one.

The set combine two pinguims (or more if you want to have big pinguims family). One for olive oil and second for vinegar and then two icebergs for salt and pepper. Whole design is soigne in a very simple way and that’s what makes it viable for large mass production.

So we have funny looking design – high-minded material – ready made for mass production.
They tought about everything. As they said on their website : “These two skills – working with the raw material and Porcelain Design – it is a the essence of Holaria”

And please take a look at the others works – they are sexy and they know it!

This time your mum can’t say “Dont play with food!”.

From Poland With Love – GlassLoveStrawberry (Justyna Turek)


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