she & him.

She & Him are exactly what you need when the sun is shining and it is about time to start wearing your summer clothes – so, if you haven’t yet heard of this romantic duo, continue reading below!

She & Him are the musician Matthew Stephen Ward and the actress and musician Zooey Deschanel from the US. The two artists met in 2007, on the set of the film The Go-Getter – where they were asked to perform a duet together: Matt and Zooey found out they had so much in common, that they decided to continue performing side by side.

when Volume One was released in March 2008, Zooey officially became a singer-songwriter and She & Him‘s first album received a lot of support from the critics: Matt and Zooey took inspiration from their beloved vintage pop bands and came up with a dreamy collection of covers and originals.

Volume Two, though, was the true revelation for the duo: when the album came out in early 2010, the band had worked on it for over two years and it reached immediately the top ten. Just like Volume One, She & Him‘s second album is a delightful mixture of bittersweet, romantic pop songs and folk music. Volume One and Volume Two aside, the duo has released a third album in late  2011: A Very She & Him Christmas, which delighted my Holidays with a dreamy pop touch – just so you know, you can enjoy She & Him in winter time too.

She & Him are definitely a charming duo, but Zooey Deschanel is the most charming of the two: not only she is a bright singer and songwriter, but she is also one of my favourite actresses – is there anyone out there who doesn’t love 500 Days of Summer? Zooey is beautiful, smart and unique: a truly inspirational artist.

She & HimIn the Sun

She & Him‘s albums are all on Spotify: I am sure you will add them to your summer playlists after the first listen.

have nice week – in the sun!

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