why i love Louis Daguerre.

Back to the basics for this week, I chose to post a little something about Louis Daguerre, a name familiar to anyone involved in photography. The inventor of the famous daguerreotype was born inFrancein 1987. Having originally studied architecture, he got involved with the Diorama and then teamed up with Nicephore Niepce discovering the heliograph. After Niepce’s death, he continued experimenting until he discovered the Daguerrotype, which was presented as a gift to the world and complete instructions were published. The exact process is a little too complicated to describe here.

The main reason for loving Louis Daguerre is well his major contribution to photography. His photographs are quite stunning as well, usually portraits but also a few landscapes. I love how he combined art with science finally revolutionizing photography and the magic of capturing exact images around us. For the first time someone managed to reproduce such sharp and exact images, often playing with light. Unfortunately, the Diorama with Daguerre’s lab burned to the ground in 1839, leaving us with no written record and only very few pictures taken by him survived.


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