pascal pinon.

I am so in love with Pascal Pinon that I wish I had known about them earlier.

Pascal Pinon are exactly what I had been looking for in a long time and it is quite funny that I had got to know about them only last week. the occasion was an exam I needed to prepare and my spotify playing Paula & Karol: Pascal Pinon happened to be number seven between their related artists and, as soon as I pressed play on the first listed track,  I was totally blown away – needless to say, I closed my books and turned up the volume. I instantly knew I had to write about it here on Ombrenelcielo.

Pascal Pinon are a young duo of twin sisters – Jófríður and Ásthildur Ákadöttir – from Reykjavik, Iceland. Jófríður and Ásthildur started recording songs under the name of Pascal Pinon not so long ago, when they were only fourteen, in 2009: the band name is a tribute to Pasqual Pinon – a two-headed man from Texas, who performed in a freak show in the early 1900’s.

with the help of two more bandmates, Halla and Kristin, Pascal Pinon got their first EP released in october 2010: I Wrote a Song. after playing in various venues in Reykjavik, the band touched everyone’s heart – due to their young age, simple melodies and a certain shyness, which is the perfect mixture for Pascal Pinon’s freak-folk. their first album, Pascal Pinon, was released in december 2010 by the independent label Morr Music: the twins sing both in Icelandic and English, the lyrics are remarkable for their adorable simplicity and the melodies are playful and enjoyable.

to me, Pascal Pinon look like two more beautiful Coco Rosie, sound like the best of Seabear and remind me of the young pureness and simplicity of First Aid Kit. I am so fond of them, I haven’t been listening to anything else for a week – and I won’t get bored. when will their next album be released?! – I really love them!

have a lovely week,


  1. joana said:

    beautiful music! i’m happy to get to know them :)

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