It’s not just a metal&wood

Jewellery can be surprising – not boring
Jewellery can be active – not passive
Jewellery is not just for women ….

It is very hard to design something new in the field of jewellery. Especially nowadays when we have a vast variety of different materials used. It is also hard to invent something for men and women.
Janka Juhos had made it and created Jujj jewellery.

Janka’s collection is a collaboration with Colour Project by Dóri Tomcsányi fashion designer.
Really good collaboration by the way – Le ombre nel cielo likes it!
The collection contains collars, bracelets and brooches
. These light (yes! There are super light! ) colourful pieces are characterized by the layering of membrane-thin wood and non-ferrous metal which produces a natural yet flexible structure and organic design with a fresh modern touch.

In this design we have all that we can possibly require – incredibly beautiful materials , modern appearance and, most importantly, IT LOOKS AMAZING!

Private time!
About this collection being unisex – come on guys! I see that you like it. You wouldn’t mind wearing it on your wrists.

Janka Juhos studies on MA Metal Design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design,
in Budapest.

Glass Strawberry for Omre Nel Cielo!

with the help of Martyna Stopyra  :) <3


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