why i love Axel Hütte.

I have already posted about Andreas Gursky, and since I know that everybody here on Ombrenelcielo is in love with nature, I though it was only fair to write about Axel Hütte as well. Born in Essen, Germany in 1951 he studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, and joined Andreas Gursky and Thomas Ruff in a rented studio in a disused power station. Later on he won a scholarship that bright him to London, with numerous exhibitions to follow. His immense love for natural landscapes has earned him the nickname “the landscape painter”.

To many Axel Hütte’s work is characterized by an objectivity and neutrality, void of sentimentality. His unique visual langauge, strict and precise, often enables him to capture the impossible or the unseen. Having established a new kind of photography, he approaches his subjects with truthfulness and allows the landscape, stripped of people to speak of itself. The power of nature is revealed in his photographs under a new light, alarmingly intense, yet beautiful at the same time. His love for natural landscapes has lead him to travel to the most remote places in the world bringing back pictures that prompt the viewers to enter the scene and make them feel like they’ve been knowing this place forever.  Hütte’s nature is wild, awe inspiring, and eternal.

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