allo darlin’.

if you are in the mood for a Camera Obscura sort of sound – a dreamy twee pop – turn on Allo Darlin’ and you won’t be disappointed. their new album Europe is going to be released in a matter of days and, in the meanwhile, you could catch up by listening to their previous one.

Allo Darlin’ as a band was born in 2009 in London, when a group of friends found each other and decided to start playing together: Elizabeth Morris  and Bill Botting from Australia and Michael Collins and Paul Rains from Kent, UK. Elizabeth is the lead singer of the band and she is responsible for that soft female voice that I am particularly fond of – the sort of voice that makes me love Camera Obscura and God Help the Girl.

when Elizabeth moved to London in 2005, she started writing songs and performing under the name of The Darlings. After releasing the three tack album The Photo EP in 2007, though, Elizabeth changed the name of her project into Allo Darlin’ and by 2009 what begun as a solo project expanded into a band: Paul Rains joined as a guitarist, Michael Collins as a drummer and Bill Botting as a bassist.

the very first EP of the band, The Polaroid Song, was released in 2009 by the London-based record label Fortuna Pop!: it was a major success and shortly after  Fortuna Pop! released also the first album of the band, Allo Darlin’, in the summer of 2010.

the album contains 10 tracks, The Polaroid Song as the second one, and each of them presents all the elements of a dreamy pop song: some of the titles are even romantic enough to remind me about The RonettesDreaming, Kiss your Lips, and, my personal favourite, My Heart is a Drummer.

Allo Darlin’My Heart is a Drummer

if Allo Darlin’s first album is the perfect combination of indie music and twee pop, I cannot wait to listen to their second one, Europe – which apparently has been already released in the United States, where the band is on tour until the 22nd of May. Capricornia, the 1st single of the album, sounds extremely promising – you can download it from the band’s

I wish you a dreamy pop week – we all deserve one sometimes!

P.S. I would be more than happy to get some suggestions from you, dear readers of Ombrenelcielo: which artist should I feature next? write me!

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