god help the girl.

if you are into Belle & Sebastian as much as I am – you got to love God Help the Girl!

God Help the Girl is in fact a musical project started by Stuart Murdoch – the leader of Belle & Sebastian – featuring a groups of female vocalists.

Stuart Murdoch came up with the idea of forming an all-girls band in 2004, during a tour promoting Dear Catastrophe Waitress: he started writing a series of songs for this purpose and began looking for talented female musicians.

Among God Help the Girl, the first joining the band were Celia Garcia (Scotland) – who responded to an advertisement placed by Stuart in a local Glasgow magazine, Alex Klobouk (Germany) – who met Stuart on the Dear Catastrophe Waitress tour, Brittany Stallings and Dina Bankole (U.S.A.).

During the following years, some other musicians were added to the project, like Linnea Jönsson – from the Swedish band Those Dancing Days – and Catherine Ireton. Catherine (Ireland) is considered the main discovery of God Helped the Girl: the talented musician was the lead singer of the pop-jazz group elephant, which broke up in 2005; Murdoch had the occasion to hear their album In The Moon and asked Catherine to move to Glasgow to join God Help the Girl and Belle & Sebastian.

Catherine Ireton appears on the cover of the main album of the project God Help the Girl, released in June 2009: the album contains 14 tracks – Catherine sings the most of them – between which Act of the Apostle and Funny Little Frog are well known to be part of Belle & Sebastian‘s repertory.

Album aside, God Help the Girl have released three singles – Come Monday Night (May 2009) and Funny Little Frog (July 2009) and the most recent Baby, You’re Blind (May 2010) – plus the EP Stills (November 2009).

God Help the Girl not only resembles much the tones of Belle & Sebastian, but also of Camera Obscura – another well known Scottish band truly dear to me – since almost all the songs of the project are performed by female artists, who play the main role in the band.

When Stuart Murdoch wrote the songs for God Help the Girl, he wanted to tell about the problems of girls entering adult life: the lyrics of the project are in fact romantic and sort of nostalgic, which makes God Help the Girl perfect as much for a melancholy afternoon at home as for a solitary walk on the beach.

God Help the GirlCome Monday Night

When Stuart Murdoch was composing the songs for God Help the Girl, he though about shooting a musical film where to feature them: it has been planned for this film to be released this year 2012, which is one good reason for you to start listening to God Help the Girl.

You can read more about this project on: www.godhelpthegirl.com

Have a romantic week to the sweet sound of God Help the Girl!


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