I wonder if there is still someone out there who doesn’t know about Jónsi.

I bet most of you – who read my articles every Monday – know and love Jón Þór Birgisson already, but I still want to write about him today, as a homage to one of my favourite musicians.

Jónsi was born on April 23rd 1975 in Iceland and he is well known for being the guitarist and vocalist of one of the most popular and fascinating Icelandic band: Sigur Rós – whose new album is finally about to be released.

Jónsi is a complete musician: not only he has been the front man of Sigur Rós since 1994, but he has been also collaborating with his boyfriend Alex Somers to a unique music project called Riceboy Sleeps, released in 2009. When Sigur Rós decided to take sometime off in 2010, Jónsi didn’t stop making music, but he worked on his first solo album: Go.

I still remember clearly how excited I was about the release of Go: I have been a huge fan of Sigur Rós, since I was a teenager, and their music has inspired me for many years – needless to say that when I heard about Jónsi‘s solo project I was thrilled.

And Go did match my high expectations, since the first single Go Do came out: the whole album is a colorful concentration of positive energy because of its sounds and because of its lyrics; the concept around Go itself is extremely fascinating and well thought, nothing short of amazing.

I will never forget the first time I watched the Go Do video: I decided I couldn’t possibly miss Jónsi‘s show and bought the tickets online right after the video ended. Not to mentioned that I had the video playing and re-playing the whole day.

✻ JónsiGo Do

I was eventually able to see Jónsi performing live in Milano, in June 2010: it has been one of the most amazing shows I have ever attended to, alongside with Sigur Rós‘s one in 2009 – which says a lot about my devotion for Jónsi. The whole performance was so intense and breath-taking, I am pretty sure I will never forget that concert – especially since afterwards I got to meet Jónsi and Alex.

I want to share something really dear to me from that night – which will make this article more special:

I think we should all start our week by listening to Jónsi: his positive energy is exactly what we need!

jonsi.com – Make your day break!

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