Diamonds are forever!

Marilyn Monroe used to sing “Diamnods are a girl’s best friend” and I must admit it.
Yes indeed, we love diamonds.We need them. Why?

Because they are just pure perfection and value.
We love to be surrounded by beautifull things.

As Dostojewski said in The Idiot – “The world will be rescued by the beautiful.”

Thank to Eric Therner, we can have our own Diamond Lights.
As Eric said on his website: He works variably between, product design, furniture, interiors objects and also transportation and accessories. Eric is from Sweden but used to study car design in Milano.

Let’s back to diamonds!….
As a designer he said he want to create something diffrent from normal rounded lightbulbs. He tried to treat it like a
sculpture. For Eric and I diamonds have romantic, mystic and mysterious feeling. So they suit to idea of lighting

 Diamonds Light are made from clear glass and have 2000 hour lifespan.
The user chooses a lampholder and a lampcord suited after their own personal taste. Eric makes Diamond Ligths easy to fit in different styles and interiors.
With that kind of glass design we can play and have a sense of sophistication in the interior. Its looks good when they are alone but also when they are grouped together.

A nice change to the retro box for lightbulbs.
Well done Eric! Well done!

photos by Jasper Lindstrom

Thank to Martyna S.


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