agnes obel.

have you heard about Agnes Obel before? she is the artist that I would like to write about today.

Agnes Caroline Thaarap Obel is a Danish singer songwriter and a talented pianist, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Born in 1980 in a family of music aficionados, Agnes grew up in an unconventional and creative environment: her father collected peculiar music instruments and her mother loved to play piano. That was how Agnes learned to play piano at a very young age and piano still remains her most favourite instrument, the protagonist of her  own music.

At the age of seventeen, Agnes Obel had already joined her second band: she was extremely young, when she started singing and playing bass guitar in her first one; while she founded the Copenhagen based band Sohio, after dropping her gymnasium studies. The rock band Sohio, though, soon became too restrictive for Agnes creative spirit, and so did the city of Copenhagen.

Moving to Berlin in 2005 was fundamental for Agnes music career: in Berlin, Agnes has found the ideal environment to develop her music research and in 2010 she has finally released her first solo album Philharmonics. The album gained immediate success and was nominated for numerous awards:  it was the reason of Agnes Obel‘s triumph at the Danish Music Awards 2011, where she won five prizes. In Philharmonics, Agnes has written, sung, played, recorded and produced all the album material herself; which makes the music even more precious and enjoyable. Agnes Obel sings in English, with a warm and pleasant voice: her lyrics are simple and so are her melodies; the piano gives away a melancholic ballad feeling, which makes Agnes Obel‘s music so special and dear to me.

✻ Agnes ObelJust So

In 2011 PIAS Recordings has released a deluxe version of Philharmonics, with five extra tracks: you can find this version on Spotify – to start listening to Agnes right now.

On you can find her myspace, facebook, youtube and twitter links.

Have a lovely Monday – I hope you will enjoy Agnes Obel as much as I do!

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