why i love Martin Parr.

A member of Magnum Photos, Martin Parr was born in Surrey in 1952. Taking to photography from an early age, with the encouragement of his grandfather, he has been documenting modern and suburban life in England, through projects. In the early 70s he studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic and then also did some teaching. Initially recognized for his black and white photography, like many masters of colours, he is now a classic for his much celebrated colour photography, to which he switched in the 80s.

I love Martin Parr’s photography, because it is so incredibly alive, both in black and white and colour. He is not simply documenting, his photographs almost look like paintings. But the true art in his work goes further. As he says he is “creating fiction out of reality”. Intimate, satyrical, challenging, but also humane he examines people in their natural environment and allows them to expose themselves and the society they live in. In his alway ambiguous work, he manages like no other to make a picture worth a thousand words, by “taking society’s natural prejudice and giving it a twist”.

  1. Polly Balitro said:

    there’s an exhibition in Helsinki about his works in Finland: I must go to see it soon!

  2. ASU said:

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