first aid kit.

I have already told you about Taxi Taxi! – now it is time to write about First Aid Kit.

First Aid Kit is a Swedish duo formed by sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg in 2007 – when the two teenage girls started composing music together under the name  First Aid Kit, which they picked randomly from an English dictionary.

in 2007, after the sisters sent her home recorded version of Tangerine at a Swedish radio station, it didn’t take long for them to sign a contract with Rabid Records – a label co-owend by the well known electronic duo The Knife. First Aid Kit‘s first EP Drunken Trees was released in 2008 in Sweden and in 2009 by the English record label Wichita Records; in 2010 their debut album The Big Black & The Blue gives the definite twist to the duo’s musical career: it is followed by a long and extensive tour around the world.

First Aid Kit‘s third and newest album The Lions’s Roar was released last January: it was produced by Mike Mogis and went straight to number one in Sweden. since then, I have fallen in love with the duo and I have been playing constantly this album especially. every single track is intense and powerful, yet the whole album is light and easy to listen to in one go – it does not ever get me bored.

if you are into folk music as much as I am, you will adore First Aid Kit: they are well influenced by popular folk artists, such as Fleet Foxes – with whom they have also performed live – and Joanna Newsom. the duo have also collaborated with Jack White and performed with Bright Eyes.

visit First Aid Kit‘s website at, their Myspace and their Twitter: the sisters are on tour promoting The Lion’s Roar and you could be so lucky to get to see them live! also, start your week by listening to First Aid Kid on Spotify: you can find both their albums and their EP there!

have a lovely week and here is something for you:                                                                                     [note: our friend Mats Kniven Udd happens to be responsible for this beautiful video!]

✻ First Aid KitThe Lion’s Roar


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