alina orlova.

Alina Orlovskaya, as known as Alina Orlova, is a young and talented artists from Visaginas, Lithuania.

Born on June 28th 1988, Alina is not 24 yet and still plays the most fascinating music. Born in Lithuania – she is of mixed Polish and Russian heritage: her poetic lyrics are in Lithuanian, Russian and English. Besides writing and playing music, Alina is a painter and a photographer too, which makes her a more complete artist.

Like many new artists nowadays, Alina became popular through the internet: her demo tracks were the reason why she was awarded the Alternative Music Award in Lithuania, in 2006. Two years after, her first official album came out, in the beginning of 2008: Laukinis Suo Dingo.

My first encounter with Alina Orlova’s music was in early 2009: since then I have always been fascinated by her. At first I fell in love with Laukinis Suo Dingo (The Wild Dog is Gone): I didn’t and I still don’t know a word of Russian nor Lithuanian language, still the sound of those foreign lyrics, so poetically sung, have been a great source of inspiration for me. I do believe that sometimes is good to listen to lyrics that I cannot completely grasps or that I cannot understand at all: it makes me concentrate on the voice of the artist and on the music itself; besides, I have always found Eastern European languages to be extremely intriguing and poetic.

Alina‘s second album, Mutabor, was released in 2010: the piano, like in Laukinis Suo Dingo, is the most played instrument and gives the whole album a soft ballad atmosphere. A few more tracks are performed in English, but overall, this second album preserves the eastern-europe-magic of the first.

I have chosen to share a beautiful video of Alina performing live Lijo, in Paris in 2010. I do hope I will have the chance to attend to one of her concerts soon!

Alina OrlovaLijo (Laukinis Suo Dingo)

Alina Orlova is definitely worth listening: start your week by doing so! Check out her Myspace and listen to both of her albums on Spotify.

  1. glasslovestrawberry said:

    nice ! :D high five Polly!

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