why i love Dare Wright.

Dare Wright was born in 1914 and raised by her artist mother. After her mother’s death she withdrew into isolation. In the years active, Dare worked as a model but then turned to writing strange children’s book which she illustrated with her own black and white photography. The most famous among them, The Lonely Doll, was re-issued in 1998 and is listed among the best illustrated books for children.

I love her work, because even though it is for children, it speaks just as much to adults. Her photography is unusually alive, despite the absence of living people, and far too sinister for what is commonly associated with children. They are haunting, bleak, and always melancholic. Then the strangeness of her unique conception alone is reason enough for me to write about her, let alone the fact that she used her own childhood dolls as models for the photographs.

  1. LaTiesha said:

    I’m happy to know this still exists. It was my favorite when I was still in grade school. I was hoping to share it with my daughter. Now I can. Thank you for the insight.

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