lay low.

Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir is the second Icelandic artist I am featuring here on Le Ombre Nel Cielo: her stage name is Lay Low and she is a young and talented musician I had the pleasure to listen to live.

it was February 2009 when I first run into Lay Low‘s music: one of my all-time-favourite artists, Emiliana Torrini, was touring around the world for the release of her album Me and Armini and Lay Low was supporting her, playing solo and opening each date of the tour. while waiting for your favourite musician to come out and play, there is usually no way another artist could catch your attention – but this wasn’t Lay Low’s case that night; in fact I was so pleased by her performance, that I started listening to her album as soon as I got back home from Emiliana’s concert that night and haven’t stopped appreciating her music ever since.

what I liked the most of Lay Low that night in 2009 was actually her sweet Icelandic accent and her calm and warm voice, when she was introducing each of her songs on stage. she looked very young but yet so powerful, standing alone on a big venue’s stage, playing her beloved guitar: I had instantly started admiring her.

Lovísa was born in London to a Sri Lankan father and Icelandic mother and she was raised in Iceland, where she lives nowadays. Despite her young age, her music abilities are various: she started by playing piano and bass guitar and has eventually found herself a perfect match with blues folk music.

Lay Low has released two albums so fare: Please Don’t Hate Me, in 2006 – when an Icelandic label decided to promote her, just after listening to her demo songs on Myspace – and Farewell Good Night’s  Sleep, in 2008. during Emiliana’s concert in Milano, Lay Low played mostly tracks from Farewell Good Night’s Sleep: that was when I fell in love with By and By and Last Time Around. Rumors are that her new album will be released next autumn and I am really looking forward to it.

Lay LowBy and By from Lovisa / Lay Low on Vimeo.

here are a few links to Lay Low: her website, her myspace, her twitter and her tumblr, where you can listen to her music, watch more of her videos and read about her experiences during tours. you can also look for Lay Low on Spotify, to listen to both of her albums.

I hope you will enjoy Lay Low‘s music as much as I do – and have a lovely week!

  1. She had another album out last year – the best one yet in my opinion – Brostinn Strengur.

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