taxi taxi!.

my music piece of advice for this week is Taxi Taxi! – the name comes itself with an exclamation mark.

when I bumped into Taxi Taxi! for the first time, two years ago from now, I was lucky enough to see them playing live – that was when I started appreciating them even more.

Taxi Taxi! is a Swedish duo of twins: Miriam Eriksson Berhan and Johanna Eriksson Berhan. the girls look young and tiny, but they have got the most heart-warming beautiful voices ever.

based in Stockholm, the duo have already played at two popular scandinavian music festivals: Roskilde (Denmark) and Hultsfred (Sweden), just after releasing two EP’s  – Taxi Taxi! in May 2007 and Step Out Into The Light in May 2009.

their first album Still Standing At Your Back Door was released in autumn 2009; a few months after I had the opportunity to see the duo playing it live, in spring 2010 in Milano. the twins sing in English most of the lyrics – except for a few verses in Swedish in one song, which I find particularly beautiful. the whole album has a soft atmosphere: the choice of musical instruments is genuine and simple – live the twins play guitars, drums and occasionally keyboards. and the lyrics are speaking of love, which matches perfectly with the duo’s sweet and soft voices.

even though the album puts me in a peaceful mood, still the lyrics are very emotional and awake the most delicate feelings inside me. I especially love Old Big Trees – the most cheerful of the tracks, and Ripest Fruit, but also The Same Side Of The Moon – with part of the lyrics in Swedish.

if you didn’t know about Taxi Taxi! before reading this, here I have embedded a video that I think well represents the duo. to listen to more Taxi Taxi! go to their myspace and let me know what you think.

✻ Taxi Taxi!Oh My Darling Clementine

have beautiful week and go to listen to Taxi Taxi! now!

  1. One of the most intense concert’s we have been together. I remember it like it was yesterday.
    Beautiful music and mood :)

  2. Polly Balitro said:

    I totally agree! that is why I have decided to write about them! :-)

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