P a p r i k a

Time for the greatest show on earth!

Paprika (2006) is a magnificent film by Satoshi Kon (who sadly passed away on August, 2010), and it is one of my favorite animated films. It’s based on a novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

The story is about a group of research psychologists who develop a device, DC Mini, for recording dreams. The device allows Doctor Atsuko Chiba help her patients more by letting her alter-ego, Paprika, enter into the patients’ dreams. Problems begin when three of the prototypes of DC Mini get stolen. Doctor Atsuko Chiba (/Paprika) and her friends are then facing a difficult task to find the missing devices and to reveal the villain behind it.

The rich imagination and colors make this film strong and appealing. Dreams and reality get mixed together and in the end you don’t know what is real and what is not. The absurdity of dreams and human mind is represented in a very interesting way, accompanied by great music composed by Susumu Hirasawa. The characters in this film are not swallowed up by the complex plot. They are diverse and deep, and I find them very easy to empathize with.

If you are interested in psychology, human mind, dreams, absurdity, great art or just in entertaining films, Paprika is definitely a ‘must see’!

( Ps. Some may recall similarities to the recent film “Inception” (2010) by Christopher Nolan, and I believe it was inspired by Paprika to some extent! )

Here’s the trailer:

  1. Anne said:

    Great point about Inception! The merging of dreams and reality is an intriguing topic. :)

  2. I was actually thinking about givin inception a go sometimes soon as I really liked it, it was such a great movie, I need to check it out again soon :)

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