Bottle’s design from studio Arnell


In 3 words we can describe the project from studio Arnell based in New York.
They’ve created an elegant package for 1000 Acres Vodka. And they’ve made it well.
Studio Arnell knows how they can get potential clients – they are one of the best on the market.

Good strategy, good contact with clients and good design. Three times Yes!
Just take a look on a Arnell’s clients list – Motorola, Belvedere Vodka, Alessi S.p.A., Chanel No. 5, Pepsi re-branding and more…

Arnell’s designs are everlasting.
Every single project can be used after 10 years and still be innovative.


Let’s get back to 1000 Acres Vodka bottles!
It’s a project from 2009 but I want to go back to this issue because…
We can see that glass has no limits. Not at all.

When we are thinking about bottle containing liquid what can we see?
Some normal looking and straight bottle. Nothing more.
But when Arnell’s studio thinks about it… It’s going to be legendary.
They want to show us a new way of thinking about glass. They want to invite us to play with an object.
It’s still pure and clear – in order to tradition of Vodka bottle. But Arnell made a step forward.
Perfectly combined shapes with information’s text about liquid.

What else can I say? Arell’s group you got me!

1 comment
  1. Jolanta said:

    Beautiful. Esthetic. Modern. Acres Vodka.

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