why i love Andy Warhol.

ok, so Andy Warhol is Andy Warhol. he was born Andrew Warhola in Pittsburgh in 1928 and died in New York in 1987. by the time of his death, the founder of The Factory had left behind an amount of notable quotes and films, but among others also over 60,000 snapshots and polaroids and certainly counts as one of the most influencial people in art today.

one reason i love Andy Wrhol is the fact that he might be one of the most famous names, even mainstream, but i can still like him and not feel embarrassed to say so. because of his work. he has revolutionized the visual arts like no other and there is not much to say to it. i chose to feature some of his polaroids, because i love polaroids, but also because he is one of the artists that made polaroid famous as the actual instant medium it is.


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