owen pallett.

this week I want to talk about a Canadian artist: Owen Pallett.

Owen Pallett has started releasing music under his own name in 2009: before that, his solo project was Final Fantasy – the name was a tribute to the popular video game series, of which the artist is a fan. you might have heard Final Fantasy‘s debut album Has A Good Home (2005) – which has been one of my favorite albums for a long time – or He Poos Clouds (2006), for which Owen won the Polaris Music Prize. he is well know also for his collaboration with Arcade Fire, the popular Canadian orchestral indie rock band.

Owen Pallett no doubt is a talented and versatile musician: born in 1979 in Toronto, is a composer, a violinist, a keyboardist and a vocalist. his sound could be defined as experimental chamber pop, which differs quite a lot from the folk artists I have been featuring in my previous articles – though, I believe Owen deserves a place here too, since I have been listening to Heartland over and over again and loving it.

since when his album Heartland has been released, in January 2009, Owen Pallett is no longer Final Fantasy; his music though remains as pleasant as before, if not more: Heartland sounds like a vivid and enthusiastic Final Fantasy – as if getting rid of an old name would have given the artist a new strength. the whole album is extremely vibrant and gives an overall restless feeling, especially because of the violin, which is definitely the protagonist of Owen Pallett‘s music.

I would be happy to know that somebody who hadn’t heard of Owen Pallett yet, got to know about his music through my article this monday morning! visit his websitewww.owenpalletteternal.com – from which you can download a few mp3’s too – and his myspace to get started.

Owen PallettLewis Takes Off His Shirt

enjoy the rest of your week to the sound of Owen Pallett!

  1. Final Fantasy has also been my favorite video game back then ;)

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