why i love Anne Brigman.

one of my highest ranking photographers will always be Hawaii born Anne Brigman. she lived, travelled the sea and worked from 1869 to 1950. most of her work was created after 1901 when she settled in San Francisco and continued later on in California and New York. even though she received high recognition from day one, she refused to do portraits or commercial work, unlike most of her contemporaries. occasionally she was also an actress and a poet.

the reasons why i love her are countless. first of all her existence alone, shows how bad the work of so many others out there can be when compared to hers. far too many nudes of girls in nature pretending to be poetic, with not a single thing to say, just the same over and over. but not  Anne Brigman, she actually meant what she photographed. a true original, she created her own breathtaking Bohemia, a pagan world so real that it upset quite a few. the women in her work are strong figures within an equally strong natural landscape, liberated and challenging cultural and societal norms and conventions. then of course i also adore how she touched up her negatives.


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