scandinavian music group.

I am about to present you a very finnish band: Scandinavian Music Group.

it is true I have written about a finnish artist before – Mirel Wagner, but I haven’t yet written about a band that actually sings in finnish; so, if you are not used to listen to finnish language, do not fear: I promise you, it sounds graceful with music!

Scandinavian Music GroupSMG – was born in 2002, when the previous members of the finnish band Ultra Bra (1994 -2002) decided to get together to play something different.

I have bumped into SMG last spring, when their latest album came out, and I immediately fell in love with their tunes. Terhi Kokkonen‘s voice is everything that I like: strong but cheerful and truly finnish. The lyrics are simple and personal: finnish language suits perfectly the folk/country atmosphere of SMG‘s music.

their latest album Manner – released in April 2011 – has the most beautiful artwork in my opinion and it is not the only reason you should listen to it. it is the perfect album to turn on in the morning, when I need some positive energy; but it works great even after a long day, as it makes me extremely cheerful. I can listen to Manner non-stop – without skipping a single track: my favourite one must be Mustarastas Lauloi Ooh La La, because it talks about a blackbird (mustarastas means blackbird).

Scandinavian Music Group Kaunis Marjaana                                                                                              first official video from Manner

now, if you think you are ready for more Scandinavian Music Group, go to:

enjoy some finnish folk music and have a lovely week!

  1. Melody Jane said:

    I love the way Finnish lyrics sound. They work very, very well with rap music, too. And Finnish lyrics are very poetic, in all genres. Over at Indie in Finland we only cover Finland-based groups; many sing in English too.

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